07 Mar 2012

Two flicks for you today. First is Mr. Oli Weisner’s very own and very first edit. Footage is from about a month ago, Snowpark Oberammergau had a sweet setup but was so cold and hard that there wasn’t more but a little cruising to be done and afterwards we headed out to do some hiking.


Second is our homie Hennessee who’s made a little edit of his shredding for your viewing pleasure. Some crazy spinnage in there for sure… Big up, Hansi!


Oldschool rappin

10 Feb 2012

With everybody using music videos und oldschool music in their edits, we didn’t want to be left out. We even went one step further and actually participated in the music video as well, watch out for our guest appeareance!


17 Jan 2012

How much is it worth having a good friend whose parents are in possession of a little piece of paradise? If you’ve got the splitboard and the other equipment to get there, it’s pretty much invaluable. Finally put the splitty to the test, that Geco and me built last season. Works perfectly! Video documentation coming soon!

Back in Session

02 Jan 2012

We be steady filmin’ that shiznit. Some funky stuff from our first weekend on real snow this year at the beginning of december. BigBoyBandana ihr Hurensöhne!

Fuchsi’s Part

14 Nov 2011

Our good homie Mr. Gerald Fuchs just put his part from this year’s Bamboo movie “Good Times Rolling” online. It’s a Banger with lots of footage from Helsinki and lower Austria. Apart from being a good human, Fuchsi proves that he is also quite stellar on a shredstick. The Frontside Tailslide 270 has to be one of the best ones I have ever seen…


26 May 2011

Joel tickt im Sinner der Markterweiterung jetzt auch in den Osten. Ungestreckten Stoff nur bei ihm


01 Nov 2010

Na wie cool sin deine Grannies? Anziehsachen fürs Mitmachen gibts im GrindShop!!

Get your GRIND on…

19 Oct 2010

Anton, Domi, Oli und Ich fahren jetzt offiziell für den Grind Shop in Murnau, der seit neuestem diese schicke Webseite hat und außerdem jetzt auch unser aller Lieblingsmarke AIRBLASTER in den Regalen hängen hat!