So Vintage!

by simonster on Saturday 7th April 2012

Question: What happens when the whole crew goes shredding and filming almost every day, but the one guy who used to do all the editing shit is doing his final exams and hasn’t got time for it? … Nothing! You guessed it! We got a shitload of footage and nobody is doing shit with it. So you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the rest of the stuff, meanwhile, here’s some prime selection for your viewing pleasure.

Simon and Oli are riding bindings now, that have Highbacks that you can flip back but the straps are still really finely adjustable. So once you’ve perfected your binding setup, you can just exit and enter through the highback. Sounds like that whack-ass shit Flow did back in the day, but it really works, even for urban stuff. So here’s an almost-all-street really vintage super retro fashionable edit from Oli and me to say thanks to the SP United Brotherhood for their awesome bindings.

Speaking of Flow, though… It was really easy hating on that shit back in the day, wasn’t it? If someone told you about their really cool new binding that was way easier and stuff – you instantly new they couldn’t do more than two turns in a row and had never seen a kicker-landing from above. Well, things aren’t that easy anymore, when you’ve got a weird ginger who left Bavaria for Austria (don’t ask me why anyone would ever want to do THAT) shredding park like you’ve seen very few people do it before. Enter Hartmuth and his Kotcast of the BEAR Mountain vacation. Let’s see you do some switch front boards through double kinks like that, then you can keep on hating on Flow… Not to mention the Kossmann-Kid. Should’ve had a banger opener in 21inch’s movie, filmed a killer streetpart for it and they just buried the whole thing. That’s called “being fucked over”. Didn’t stop him from riding like a mofokka. Next-big-thinging like a boss…

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