Schwiiiz, Züüüüri

28 Oct 2011

On the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd October, the Rhino Jam took place just outside of Zurich. Also, the national elections were held in Switzerland on that weekend. When the election poster of a country’s most popular party says something like “Stop mass immigration!” you know you must either be in Hungary or outside the European Union. The Swiss are different from us, they think differently, they speak differently and they pay a LOT more money for everything. Goddamn it’s expensive over there. However, they also know damn well how to organize a rail contest and how to shape a setup that is – before everything – rideable. In fact, it was not only rideable but a damn blast to be shredding that thing! I seriously haven’t seen rails built so well in any park for the last couple years. Maybe that’s because I’ve never been to Grasgehren last season or to Laax, which is where the rails and the shaper were from.

But you’re getting my point, it was a sick setup. Andi ofadapd distribution have done an exceptional job with this event and on behalf of everybody, I want to thank them again!

Oli Weisner, Marco Rinke, Stephan Ruchte, Joel Spori and Simon Reichel all made their way out there, Joel was kind enough to accomodate us in Zurich and the back-broken Ninni played her role of team-mum quite fabulously. It was a killer weekend! Enjoy the edit.


Back to the classics

18 Oct 2011

Season’s about to start, let’s watch some old shit and get hyped on doing it all over again this winter!!

And because that new shit ain’t that far away anymore: This is where we goin’ be next weekend (because let’s face it – Glaciers are fucking gay.)

We on dat!

07 Oct 2011

We held a few shots from last season for a project that never became reality so we’re releasing them now to get you a little hyped for the season. This weekend it’ll snow in the mountains, grab a few buddys, find a construction pipe and get wild!