alone at the park

27 Apr 2011

Alone at the park

Party am Donnerstag @ Harry Klein

Ein Herz für Pitchbar Records from pitchbar media on Vimeo.

30.04.2011, Der legendäre NK23 Skate to the Bone Contest findet wieder statt.

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It seems the RDC Snow Section has pretty much taken a season off the winter circuit. Simon’s on the verge of getting back on the snow after his knee injury in October, Andi’s perfecting the technique of destroying his shoulder, Anton and Oli wrote their final exams (and both passed – congratulations guys!!), Domi is still working on his knee and writing his finals right now (Good Luck Boy!), Joel is now earning big money, working 10 hours a day, 6 days a week and becoming an overall dickhead :)

But there’s still things happening that we would like to tell you about:

21Inch just released their limited summer line! It will be available for 6 Weeks at their Online Store. Click on the picture below to enlarge!

The good people at GoodQuestion have a lot of news on their blog and a lot of very, very cheap offers in the Shop. Gloves, Shirts and Boards for half the price?!?! Some of it even cheaper??!! I know where I would go…

Skateboarding is back in season, there’ll be some updates soon. Enjoy the weather!